Global Medicines Council



  1. Promote universal access to medicines and innovation for new medicines
  2. The systems by which pharmaceutical access and innovation are promoted and assured must be equitable and sustainable. New models are needed to accomplish this goal, including models that reduce reliance on exclusivity and pricing power to generate R&D capital.
  3. Provide technical support for innovation, transfer of technology, production and distribution of medicines


  1. A small group of experts working together to research, develop and promote policies to support governmental decision-making, as well as to encourage reconfiguration of private sector and nongovernmental operating models

    1. Multi-sectoral, multi-dimensional expertise allows in-depth analysis
    2. The perspective of the group is global.

      Barriers to universal access differ among countries at different levels of development and income, and among individuals. Recommendations may differ to accommodate those characteristics.
  2. The Council is chartered as a non-profit organization


As an initial working methodology, the Council will undertake research, prepare and publish reports to assist in the development and implementation of pharmaceutical sector policy. Over the longer term, the Council may engage in activities directed toward technical support for transfer of technology, production and distribution of medicines


“Medicines” is understood to include pharmaceutical treatments (small molecule, biological and traditional), vaccines, diagnostics and related delivery devices